Hiring movers with rock-bottom prices can be fraught with risks that may ultimately cost more in the long run. These low-cost providers often cut corners, compromising the quality of service and the safety of your belongings. They may lack proper licensing, insurance, and experienced personnel, increasing the likelihood of damage, loss, or even theft during the move. Additionally, these movers might employ deceptive practices such as hidden fees, sudden price hikes, or holding your items hostage until extra payments are made. To avoid these pitfalls, it's crucial to research and select reputable moving companies that offer transparent pricing and reliable service, ensuring a smooth and secure moving experience.

Transparent Pricing

No Bad Surprises

  • Clear and Detailed Estimates: Old West Moving provides comprehensive and itemized estimates, ensuring customers understand the cost breakdown upfront.

  • No Hidden Fees: Customers can trust that there are no surprise charges or hidden fees; what is quoted is what they pay.

  • Flat-Rate Pricing: For specific services, flat-rate pricing is offered, allowing customers to know the exact cost in advance.

  • Flexible Payment Options: Various payment methods are accepted, and the pricing model is designed to accommodate different budget needs.

  • Free Consultations: Initial consultations and assessments are free, helping customers to make informed decisions without any initial financial commitment.

  • Transparent Terms and Conditions: All terms and conditions related to pricing are clearly communicated and easily accessible, ensuring complete transparency.

Barbara A.
Jerrome and the guys were FANTASTIC!! They worked quickly but also carefully. We had them move our household good from a 40’ connex in our front yard in to our recently fully redone home. Our furniture is all big and/or heavy and they moved it all in triple digit heat and humidity with a smile. All of our items were in the condition that we put them into the connex in. We had no damage to our HHG or home and the put some items up at the road for us and moved a couple of things twice for me.
We plan to hire them again to move our things out of AC storage to our home.
Pricing is VERY reasonable! We’d been quoted 2k and 10.5 hours by another company. Old West did the work in 4 hours and under $800!
If you call and get no answer, they are probably on a job. You can use their online contact form to request a call or email Jerrome. Give them grace because they are a small business doing work that doesn’t really allow them to put down what they are doing and pick up the phone every time it rings. They are worth the wait!
My husband and I are both Army Veterans and we’ve moved more times than we care to count. This was, by far, the most stress free and easy move we’ve ever had!


Holly B.

Jerome, Ray and MJ were prompt, efficient, pleasant and careful. Everything was packed, loaded and unloaded without a problem. Very reasonably priced, also.


Robert D.

I have moved numerous times for military service, school, jobs, etc. During those moves, I've never had a company, not ding something, scratch a floor, etc. That was, of course, until today. Jerome and his assistant (Ron?) moved two entire PODS worth of stuff into our home without so much as a scuff. The attention to detail and care in moving heavy and bulky items across our natural wood floors was astonishing. This level of service would be worth paying the highest price in town, but Old West was one of the most affordable companies around! With excellent prices and exceptional service, we will definitely use them again and recommend Old West to our friends!


Lisa C.

This is the company you want to move you. They are professional and treat everything with the same care they would of it was their own stuff. Very positive and friendly. You can trust this company with your move.